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    Termite Control

    Termites can cause serious structural damage to the building they inhabit and in some cases

    Bed Bugs

    Bed Bugs may be small, but they’re tough to get rid of. Find out how to deal with bed bugs and prevent them from infesting your home.

    Mosquito Control

    Mosquitoes are pesky pests that are attracted to warm-blooded animals, They’re also carriers of diseases like Malaria, Dengue

    Wood Borer

    The only way to ensure that the infestation has been removed is by fumigating the affected areas. This will kill any insects and larvae 

    Cockroach Control

    It’s tough to get rid of roaches. Our exterminators will come to your home and make sure the problem is gone for good.

    Commercial Control

    Commercial pest control is a process that includes the elimination of pests and rodents from commercial properties

    Pigeon Control

    They can cause health problems, and property damage and be a general nuisance. Pigeons can be controlled with various 

    Rodent Control

    Rodent Control is a service that helps to get rid of rodents in your home. It includes trapping, baiting, and exclusion.

    Why Choose Us

    We are the most-trusted pest management company in Navi Mumbai offering services to residential and commercial clients. We combine global practices with local knowledge to offer 100% customer satisfaction.

    For Your Home

    We provide pest control treatments for all kinds of insects. For maximum effect, our treatments are carried out over a specific period of time.

    For Your Business

    A person who holds a Pest Control Licence can have up to three different authorisations listed on their licence.

    Our Product

    Make sure the person who will be applying your pesticides holds a valid photo ID Pest Control Licence.

    We are Cover this Industries


    Housing Society is the place where huge number of family resides. So offering a.


    There are of course so many companies offering commercial pest control services but we stand out from the crowd for several


    Invade of the pests on the stored goods is widespread and prevention of thereof is obligatory to secure an extravagant.


    India’s number one termite control service provider brings forth a latest technology based termite treatment.


    Pests can cause large economic losses in the pharmaceutical industry through contamination of raw materials, store rooms, laboratories, production areas, packaging and finished products.


    Multiple entry points and densely populated shopping areas make retail stores inherently vulnerable to pests, continuous deliveries and storage areas full of hiding places for pests.


    Warehouses and Supply Chains is the place where huge amount of raw materials are kept. Pests put your reputation, structural conditions and sanitation conditions at risk as a business. 


    With an abundant supply of food, water, and space are an ideal habitat for pests. so we understand the unique pest control challenges facing education environments.

    Disinfection Services

    Dengue and Chikungunya

    Dengue and Chikungunya diseases have all the earmarks of being expanding in all parts of India. Also stricken fear in people so much that the health graph of the country has registered a steep rise in these cases of late.

    General Pest Control

    The world is a habitat of miscellany types of insects, amid some insects are helpful to the nature and human,  crucial in order to prevent the serious harm and to this point general pest control service

    Battle Mosquitoes vigorously

    Mosquito- borne conditions like malaria, dengue and chikungunya have taken more lives than other forms of pest. India’s dengue deaths have long called for controlling mosquitoes through source reduction at parentage spots.

    Beware of repeated dengue afflictions.

    Still, proper rest and drug will help in combating fever and antibodies will be generated in the body that will give life-long impunity against the type-I variety, If a person gets dengue for the first time.

    Woman dies of lung infection from fungi in pigeon droppings

    Jayshri failed of a lung infection, which the croaker alleges was the result of dangerous fungi present in chump feces.
    Several residers of Neelkamal Cooperative Society in Borivli East, 

    Efficient and Professional Pest Control

    Pest control businesses know exactly what products to use when diving pests. They insure that your bug or rodent problem will be taken care of with the stylish products available, meaning you wo n’t have to spend plutocrat over and over again on multiple styles of decimation.

    Unfortunately, numerous of the pest control products available at the store only offer temporary relief from an infestation. When you treat bug irruptions on your own, you run the threat of diving a recreating problem. Some products may last a month or two, while others will noway completely relieve your home of bugs in the first place, leading to ongoing infestations.

    Nirmesh Pest Control

    Nimesh pest control has been servicing homeowners and businesses likewise. Our character for quality service and exceptional client service stands proud. With thousands of pious guests, our truly professional approach and commitment to eco-friendly  Nirmesh pest control, keep our guests coming back time after time.


    Happy Clients 


    “When i first moved into my new house in Kopripada. I had serious problem for Rats in my house.A friend recommended Nirmesh Pest Control and they solve my problem immediately.”

    “ Our Company manufacturing ayurvedic products,so Nirmesh is working about 5-6 Years in the company and it controls the pests properly.we have very good experience with Nirmesh.”

    “ On our construction site,the team of Nirmesh has provide good services for Rats and Mosquitoes.we are happy to take their services.”

    “ We have campus in Navi Mumbai. Nirmesh pest control handling it properly with best pest control services.”

    I hire get pest control for termite control services. Excellent service provided by them. Nirmesh pest control have a highly organized, dedicated, professional team. Thanks to them for the best termite control service.

    I was satisfied with the service of Nirmesh Pest Control. They used latest harm free and smell free termite chemicals. Great service by the team.

    How Can We Help?

    We Provide a Wide Variety of Pest Removal Services


    Emergency Help

    Our staff and volunteers of the Red Cross are here for you with emergency aid when you need it most.


    There is literally no chance for pests tosurvive at your restaurants’ kitchen!

    Keep Watch

    Ants leave a trail which makes it easier for other ants from the colony to find their way to food. To wash away the trail, use a natural Resource



    Integrated Pest Management

    Our management staff expertly coordinatespest control orders to avoid any delays

    Restaurant Pest Control

    Bed Bugs are not only found in beds. They can be in your sofa, chair cushions. Hire our experts to help you hunt them down!

    Service Documentation

    We give you instructions for safety measuresthat you must follow at your office

    Our Clients

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Pest Control ?

    Pest control is the process of removing pests from a property. This can be done through pesticides, biological agents, or mechanical means. Pesticides are substances that kill pests and other organisms harmful to plants or animals. They are often classified as insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and rodenticides. Biological pest control includes natural predators and parasites that kill pests without harming the environment. Mechanical pest control includes devices such as traps, fences, and repellents. Pest control is an important part of managing the environment in order to maintain a healthy ecosystem for all living organisms to thrive in.

    What is Purpose of Pest Control ?

    Pest control is a type of animal control that seeks to reduce populations of pests such as insects, rodents, and other organisms that may be harmful to humans or their interests.

    Pest control methods may include the use of pesticides, biological pest control such as introducing natural predators into the environment, mechanical controls such as trapping or exclusion, biological controls by using pheromones to disrupt mating patterns and genetic engineering.

    How Long Does Pest Control Take?

    It depends on the situation. Some pests take longer to treat than others, and some homes are bigger and more difficult to maintain than others. Some treatments can take as little as 30 minutes, while others can last up to 8 hours, depending on the severity and type of treatment.

    How Long Does it Take For Pest Control to Work?

    In most cases, a significant reduction in pest activity can be observed within one to two days. The exact time frame depends on the pests we are dealing with and the choice of materials needed to ensure the best long-term results. In some cases, you will see a slight increase in pest activity after our first treatment. That’s a good sign! This means that the pesticides are working. We have disrupted their normal breeding and feeding habits and are looking for new habitats – the only difference now is that they are covered in pesticides. They are not long. Give it a week or two to wear off, but if they continue after that, give us a call – we may need to give them another round.

    What are the Packages of Pest Control

    Nimesh Pest Control” can offer different types of pest control packages. We offer monthly, quarterly, and annual pest control packages At your Convenience 

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